Chelsea Design is able to design spectacular environments using innovative materials that are appropriate for marine environments. These materials are built to withstand a great deal of exposure to salt air and moisture without showing evidence of wear and tear. Our new interior design products are long-wearing and continue to maintain their appearance year after year.


Chelsea Design is dedicated to making design decisions that are practical and economical . Your interior design consultant will consider who is living in the home when designing the environment; adults, children, pets, etc. Attention to these details are necessary to ease the process for the homeowner and ultimately save time and money in costly change orders throughout the project.


Many clients are initially overwhelmed by the constraints of planning, permitting and building codes, however, with more than a decade of residential and commercial interior design experience, Chelsea Design expertly advises clients during this process to eliminate unnecessary stress. Unlike other interior designing companies, Chelsea Design coordinates directly with freight forwarders, brokers and customs officials to quickly expedite materials, goods and furniture on-site.