1. Chelsea Design: Let Us Design You a Masterpiece

    Your home’s interior says a lot about you and your style. It is the one place that you have all to yourself. The one place where you can really relax and take a break from your crazy and hectic lifestyle. It is the one place you can truly make your own. Don’t settle for a space that you do not absolutely love. It is time to make your interior design dreams become a reality. Chelsea Design offe…Read More

  2. Liven Up Your Living Space With These Interior Design Tips and Tricks

    In our most recent blog, we discussed a few spruce up any room in your home. At Chelsea Design, we provide interior design services to residents and businesses in Miami. If you are looking for a way to give your home a little design pick-me-up, we have some great interior design tips and tricks that are sure to complete the look of your home. Paint While painting a room may not seem like it does m…Read More

  3. Top Interior Design Trends of 2015

    Everyone knows that fashion trends and styles are always changing and evolving. Whether you are talking about clothing styles and trends or about interior design trends, fashion is never stagnant. While the team at Chelsea Design always tries to stick with styles that are sophisticated, classic, and timeless, interior design trends and styles are always going to evolve with the times. We are about…Read More

  4. Why Do Interior Design Firms Use Mirrors So Often?

    When most people think of mirrors, they think about the plain mirror that they look into most often: the bathroom mirror. But when it come to residential interior design, mirrors serve a much greater range of functions. How can mirrors be used to improve your interior decorating? To make a room look larger - If you have a small room, putting a large mirror in it is an excellent idea. It gives the …Read More

  5. 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Interior Design Services For Your Residential Interior Design

    You’ve seen your friend’s house, you’ve read interior design magazines. You have a pretty good idea of what you like. So you’re ready to take care of your own interior design, right? Well, here are a few thoughts on the subject. Don’t Trust The Books - Most design books take more than a year to write and at least another year to design and hit the shelves, so while they might give you so…Read More

  6. Top Mistakes People Make Before Hiring an Interior Design Firm

    Like most jobs, interior design is much more complicated than it might seem at first. It takes a natural artistic eye, but it also takes training to know exactly how the furniture will fit the room, and how the room will fit into the home. Many people who first attempted their own interior design end up at Chelsea Design, because they eventually realize that hiring a professional interior design f…Read More

  7. Out With The Old, In With The Interior Design Firm!

    In our last blog, we discussed how a local interior design firm can help those who are moving to Florida or the Bahamas make the most of their new living space. A part of that blog dealing with the amount of stuff that people bring with them to their new home inspired us to think about what interior designers have to work with, and, honestly, work around. Sometimes A Blank Slate Can Be Easier Step…Read More