1. You Just Know When Someone Has Hired Residential Interior Design

      There’s a reason interior design exists. It’s because some people are simply good at making a room the most it can be. And when you walk into people’s homes, you can tell in a second if they’ve hired someone to handle their residential interior design. What are these clues that you pick up on, and what are the easiest ways to tell if someone has had interior design help? It’s inviting…Read More

  2. Fixtures Vs. Furniture…Which Would You Hire An Interior Design Firm For?

      At Chelsea Design, we would like to design/redesign your entire home. There are few things we like more than to be introduced to a space and hear “get to it.” But maybe you want us to focus on the more permanent aspects of the home (like fixtures), while you choose the movable items (like furniture). Maybe it’s the other way around. Or maybe you’re wondering “when I hire an interior d…Read More

  3. Why Do Interior Design Firms Use Mirrors So Often?

    When most people think of mirrors, they think about the plain mirror that they look into most often: the bathroom mirror. But when it come to residential interior design, mirrors serve a much greater range of functions. How can mirrors be used to improve your interior decorating? To make a room look larger - If you have a small room, putting a large mirror in it is an excellent idea. It gives the …Read More

  4. 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Interior Design Services For Your Residential Interior Design

    You’ve seen your friend’s house, you’ve read interior design magazines. You have a pretty good idea of what you like. So you’re ready to take care of your own interior design, right? Well, here are a few thoughts on the subject. Don’t Trust The Books - Most design books take more than a year to write and at least another year to design and hit the shelves, so while they might give you so…Read More

  5. 3 Ways Hiring An Interior Design Firm Can Actually Save You Money

    It might at first sound strange that hiring someone can save you money. After all, we’re saving you time and hassle, how could we possibly save you money? You might be surprised what hiring an interior design firm can do for you! We’ll find you the highest quality for the best price: At Chelsea Designs, we have fostered relationships with some amazing designers in the industry, and by doing so…Read More

  6. How Hiring The Right Interior Design Firm Can Actually Make You Money

    In our last blog we talked about how hiring a professional interior design firm can save you money. After all, it makes sense: we can get you deals on the best furnishings, we’ll stay within your budget, and we always get it right the first time so that you don’t have to spend more redoing the design project. All of these make good sense. But how can we suggest that hiring interior design serv…Read More

  7. Be Honest With Your Interior Design Firm and It Goes So Much Smoother

      Here at Chelsea Design, we deal with all sorts of customers. Some know exactly what they’re looking for, while others come to our interior design firm hoping that we can guide them to the best possible design. The important thing is that you’re honest with us at every stage so that we can get your interior design project done so that it meets your needs and expectations, so make sure to ope…Read More

  8. When You’re a Transplant, Interior Design Services Can Help You Feel At Home

    As much as national design magazines would like you to believe it, design isn’t something that always translates from one location to another. What works well in a New York City apartment isn’t necessarily going to work well in a Florida hacienda. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a local interior design firm that can design the best space while taking into account where you live.…Read More

  9. Out With The Old, In With The Interior Design Firm!

    In our last blog, we discussed how a local interior design firm can help those who are moving to Florida or the Bahamas make the most of their new living space. A part of that blog dealing with the amount of stuff that people bring with them to their new home inspired us to think about what interior designers have to work with, and, honestly, work around. Sometimes A Blank Slate Can Be Easier Step…Read More

  10. Who Interior Design Is For

    As much as we live and breathe interior design here at Chelsea design, it’s important for us to remember who we’re designing for. After all, once we’re done with interior design for your home, we probably won’t be back until you decide it’s time to change your look once again. So since we’re not doing it for us, who are we doing it for? You No one will be in your house as much as you a…Read More