1. Chelsea Design: Let Us Design You a Masterpiece

    Your home’s interior says a lot about you and your style. It is the one place that you have all to yourself. The one place where you can really relax and take a break from your crazy and hectic lifestyle. It is the one place you can truly make your own. Don’t settle for a space that you do not absolutely love. It is time to make your interior design dreams become a reality. Chelsea Design offe…Read More

  2. 3 Common Interior Design Faux Pas

    Let’s face it, we would all like to think we are fabulous interior designers and decorators. With sites, such as Pinterest, we have immediate access to thousands of interior design and decorating ideas, tips, and tricks, as well as an endless number of home DIY projects. This brings outs the designer in everyone. However, if you are hoping to create a truly unique residential interior design for…Read More

  3. Liven Up Your Living Space With These Interior Design Tips and Tricks

    In our most recent blog, we discussed a few spruce up any room in your home. At Chelsea Design, we provide interior design services to residents and businesses in Miami. If you are looking for a way to give your home a little design pick-me-up, we have some great interior design tips and tricks that are sure to complete the look of your home. Paint While painting a room may not seem like it does m…Read More

  4. Tips for Picture Perfect Walls

    In our most recent blog, we gave you a few helping you bring any room together, we thought we would cover some tips and tricks for arranging your wall art. Wall art does a lot to bring a living space to life. From photographs to shelves, your walls are a key piece to the design of your living space. At Chelsea Design, we specialize in residential interior design and we are dedicated to helping Flo…Read More

  5. Top Interior Design Trends of 2015

    Everyone knows that fashion trends and styles are always changing and evolving. Whether you are talking about clothing styles and trends or about interior design trends, fashion is never stagnant. While the team at Chelsea Design always tries to stick with styles that are sophisticated, classic, and timeless, interior design trends and styles are always going to evolve with the times. We are about…Read More

  6. Tips For a Successful Commercial Interior Design Project

    Interior design projects are no small task. If you are considering having your office interior redone, it is important to do the necessary planning in order to ensure that your project is as successful as you want it tobe. However, commercial interior design projects are much more different and slightly more involved than residential interior design. At Chelsea Design, we specialize in commercial …Read More

  7. Redecorating Your Interior On a Budget

    Have you ever wanted to amp up the style of your living or dining room, but knew for sure that you couldn’t do it without having to spend a small fortune? So have we. While hiring a residential interior design company in Miami may not be an option, there are ways you can redesign your home’s interior and give it the look you have been dreaming of, all while staying within your budget. We have …Read More

  8. Design Tips for Arranging Your Furniture

    Working with an empty room or a blank canvas, if you will, can be intimidating. With so many different design possibilities available to you, it can be tough to come up with an interior design that is eye catching and sophisticated. However, when it comes to the interior design of any room, everything starts with furniture placement. As your residential interior design experts in Miami, we have so…Read More

  9. Choosing An Interior Designer For Your Next Project

    If you decide that you want an interior designer to help redesign and remodel an area of your home, it is important to understand that it is a very involved process. You and your interior designer will spend many hours working closely together to come up with a plan and design for your home that is specific to your wants, needs, and preferences. The process will involve several detailed discussion…Read More

  10. Creating A Cozy, Rustic Kitchen

    Rustic country designs are becoming increasingly popular in the interior design world. Cozy yet elaborate living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens complete with natural, slightly worn and distressed furnishings along with modern elements and details give the country look a new and appealing twist. This is not your grandmother’s country style kitchen. Here are a few residential interior design ti…Read More