Who Interior Design Is For

As much as we live and breathe interior design here at Chelsea design, it’s important for us to remember who we’re designing for. After all, once we’re done with interior design for your home, we probably won’t be back until you decide it’s time to change your look once again. So since we’re not doing it for us, who are we doing it for?


No one will be in your house as much as you are, so first and foremost it’s important that you love the look of your home. It should fit your needs, with comfortable places to sit that are “all yours.” Impressing others with design should only go so far, because your home should be a place you love to be every day.

Your Friends

Of course, you want your friends to feel as comfortable as possible when they’re in your home. It’s not so much about impressing them as it is giving you all a nice space to relax. In this case it’s most important to have the seating arrangements that are conducive to conversation.

Your Guests

Not everyone you have over is necessarily a friend. You might have business acquaintances over for dinner, or people from organizations you’re a part of. You want to be friendly, and you might even want to impress with the interior design of your home. One way to do this is to get professional interior design help.

An interior design consultant like Chelsea Design can help you with the criteria needed to create a space that fulfills all of these needs. Contact us when you’re looking for the best interior designers around.